Are Your Automated Alerts Creating Too Much Noise?

Are Your Automated Alerts Creating Too Much Noise?

Responding to an unending influx of alerts takes up valuable time and resources. It can prevent you and your team from playing a strategic and proactive role in your organization’s success. How can you quell the volume of alerts that are holding both you and your team hostage?

If you are using the Evident Security Platform (ESP), the solution is simple.  ESP allows our customers to suppress security risk alertsin other words, it’s less noisy for you. Now, the question is: which suppression option should you choose?

Every organization will have their own unique AWS configurations. Sometimes, what we here at would consider a “high level risk” might be a very minor risk to you and your team.  We believe all security alerts in the risk report are critical, but we give you, the customer, a way to put those alerts on mutewhile maintaining the ability to refer back to them at any time, if needed.

If you have been using ESP for any amount of time, I am sure you have noticed that we have a few options to help you suppress alerts:

ESP Suppression Alerts

Let’s dive a little deeper into those options:

By choosing “Suppress this alert”,  you will suppress recurrences of this alert specifically. If the unique details of this alert change it will no longer be suppressed.

By choosing Suppress this signature”, you will suppress any alerts that would normally be generated for any of the signatures either you or created.

By choosing Suppress this region”, you will suppress any alerts that would normally be generated for specific region, however, we do not recommend this option as it leaves you completely blind to all activity in the region you choose to suppress.

No matter which option you choose, we know that either a manager or an auditor is going to want to know why an alert was suppressed. We require you to provide the reason for suppression in a one-time comment field. The suppression you approve will become active in the next report run within the hour.  

Congratulations, alert fatigue is no longer plaguing you and your team! Without all that noise, you can focus on priorities like getting that RFP done faster, getting a jump start on PCI compliance or finally having the time to train up your organization on doing their part to stay secure in the cloud.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.  

My name is Erik Allen, I am the Customer Success Manager for  My goal is to make sure that our customers are having a great experience within our platform and truly seeing value and ROI.  

If you have questions about our Suppression Options, please feel free to ask us via or if you are a current customer please feel free to email me directly at to schedule a training call.  

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