Cloud Security This Week – January 19, 2018

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WEBINAR – 1/25: From Obstacle to Advantage: Compliance in the Cloud 2018
Join us on Thursday, January 25th, 2018 for our webinar where they will discuss the steps that you, your CSP, and your SecOps and DevOps teams will need to take when it comes to Compliance in the cloud in 2018.

Everyday is Super Bowl Sunday for Cloud Security Teams
On the cloud security playing field, there’s never an end zone and CISOs don’t do touchdown dances. But like great football teams, cloud security organizations are relentless in their pursuit of protecting their most valuable assets.

The Enterprisers Project: 10 Bad DevOps Habits to Break VP of customer solutions, John Martinez, says it’s time for DevOps teams to stop ignoring security early in the development cycle. Read his thoughts about how teams can do better and make security a critical priority.

Compliance in the Cloud in 2018
Is this the year your organization changes how you approach compliance? By automating security and compliance processes in your organization you can accomplish more, do it faster, and deliver better business and technology results.

Getting Control of Your Cloud: 10 Predictions for 2018
Serverless computing, API attacks, predictive security, and a whole lot more multicloud…if you thought this year has been interesting for cloud security, wait until 2018. CEO Tim Prendergast, and VP of Customer Solutions, John Martinez provide their thoughts on security and compliance issues they think will impact organizations most in the coming year.


News and Perspectives on Cloud Security
Attackers Use Microsoft Office Vulnerabilities to Spread Zyklon Malware
Spam campaigns delivering Zyklon HTTP malware are attempting to exploit three relatively new Microsoft Office vulnerabilities. The attacks are targeting telecommunications, insurance and financial service firms.

Bug-Hunting Hackers Earn Top Dollar for Efforts
Bug bounties are proving to be lucrative for hackers across the globe. With payouts that can be well into six figures, hackers are getting paid for their ethical hacking skills and helping contribute to a safer internet.

Fake Windows Patches for Meltdown, Spectre Being Spread With Malware
Hackers have yet to exploit Meltdown and Spectre, but they’re playing on users’ uncertainties about the CPU flaws in their malware and phishing schemes.

Menacing Malware Shows the Dangers of Industrial System Sabotage
Recent attacks on the control systems of an industrial plant has renewed concerns about the threat hacking poses to critical infrastructure and how vulnerable industrial plants—are to manipulation.