Cloud Security This Week – January 26, 2018

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WEBINAR Replay: AWS S3 Security: Your 1 Week Action Plan
In this webinar, Justin Hubbard, Enterprise Solutions Architect at walked through the AWS S3 security features that will help keep your data secure. He discussed common mistakes, remediation steps, and showed you how you can keep tabs on your bucket security no matter how dynamic your cloud environment is.

Deep Security Thoughts
Bob, Dick, Pete, and God’s tears. They all play a part in help you create a more secure cloud environment. Find out in our new series, Deep Security Thoughts.

Get Cloud Fit: 11 AWS Cloud Security Best Practices
Get pumped up to get CloudFit with this informative infographic that walks you through the 11 best practices to help you secure and control your cloud environment. Just like your own efforts to be fit require continuous attention, so does the effort required to prevent hacks and breaches.

Patriots or Eagles? Everyday is Super Bowl Sunday for Cloud Security Teams
Football teams and cloud security teams are both playing on fiercely competitive turfs that require coordination of an endless number of moving parts.
News and Perspectives on Cloud Security
Ransomware Was Most Popular Cyber Crime Tool in 2017
Ransomware attacks on business increased by 90% in 2017, while attacks on consumers leapt by 93%.

Better Cybersecurity is Critical to Protecting Future Elections
Paul Rosenzweig of The Hill says that the cornerstone of democracy, the electoral process, is vulnerable to manipulation by hostile powers and bad actors.

Which CISO ‘Tribe’ Do You Belong To?
New research categorizes CISOs into four distinct groups based on factors related to workforce, governance, and security controls.

Bitcoin’s Fluctuations Are Too Much For Even Ransomware Cybercriminals
Bitcoin’s price swings are so huge that even ransomware developers are dialing back their reliance on the currency.