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Enterprise security is not a one-time thing. You don’t turn it on and then put a checkmark next to “security” on your to do list. Security never stops, and to effectively monitor your security and compliance controls requires a combination of best practices and continuous monitoring. With the right effort, success arrives in the form of a cloud environment in which you have control – you know where issues exist and you have processes for fixing them quickly.

Part of that dynamic is that cloud environments change, standards are updated, new assets are added to your infrastructure, users come and go. It becomes critical that organization apply rigorous discipline around their security practices, and of course, use a continuous security visibility tool like Evident Security Platform (ESP®). This is the basic set of ingredients for controlling risk that happens around your organization’s IT and business assets. But because your business evolves and the cloud changes, this can get complicated. It’s good to have a partner who can help you get the right perspective and the brass tacks for how to most effectively use ESP. has a team of cloud security experts who support customers with the ongoing efforts to reduce vulnerabilities and potential threats to your enterprise. This team of Application Support Engineers and Technical Account Managers provide expert service and help organizations successfully apply security and compliance controls with ESP. Our goals are to help our customers quickly and painlessly:

  • Implement ESP to keep watch over your important cloud assets
  • Integrate ESP with existing processes and systems to improve asset management, security and compliance visibility
  • Realize measurable advantages / ROI

Ours is a collaborative culture, one that recognizes that being inclusive of learning from customers helps us innovate and deliver better and more usable functionality into our solutions. Just as security is an always-on proposition, we also recognize that support must always be available to address our customers’ needs when and where they arise. offers three levels of support to address the level of interaction and assistance you need at a price you can afford, regardless of the size or complexity of your operation.

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