Roadmap for Hiring the Best Cloud Security Talent

A Roadmap for Hiring the Best Cloud Security Talent

The job market is pretty good right now, and the general feeling is that hiring for skilled workers will remain steady, if not grow in the coming quarters. The numbers look good, but in the field of cloud security, there is no rejoicing among recruiters and development teams. There is huge shortage of qualified people, and it’s critical that new strategies are applied in an effort to build an innovative, agile team of security experts who can keep your organization on top of vulnerabilities and threats.

Our new ebook, How to Find Your Next Cloud Security Experts, explains how to approach hiring by looking internally, as well as seeking candidates from nontraditional sources. It also describes how to create a culture of innovation and security that will make your organization a more attractive place for top talent.

Hiring also isn’t just about bringing people in and hoping they perform. Organizations must create an environment that values learning and encourages smart experimentation. A culture that does that benefits in two ways: 1) it creates an organizational mindset that emphasizes problem solving, and 2) word travels among job-seekers that this organization is an attractive place to work. It’s a way of matching your organizational goals and vision with the kind of people you seek, but are sometimes hard to find.

Organizations will do all kinds of things to attract top talent. A snack-filled break room and unlimited vacation days have become standard fare these days, however. To really get the right people, you’ll need to foster a vision in which people can contribute; especially in the security space, where developers and architects want to chase bad guys, you’ll need to provide a place where the best minds can gather to get the job done, grow their careers, and save the world from cybercriminals.