Where do you find your next 20 Cloud Security Experts?

Evident.io and Robert Half International head to AWS Summit San Francisco to talk about the Cloud Security Skills Gap

The shift to Cloud IaaS and PaaS hasn’t lessened the workload that organizations have for security and compliance — it’s just changed the type of work that needs to be done. With all the focus on cybersecurity and new regulations in the news it’s no wonder that Security, SecOps and Compliance roles within companies take months to fill. As enterprises continue their digital transformation efforts, they need more help when it comes to training and coaching development teams to develop and run applications more securely.

Where do you find your next 20 Cloud Security experts?  That’s the title and topic of the discussion that Eddie Borrero, CISO at Robert Half International and Evident.io’s CEO and Founder, Tim Prendergast will be leading at the upcoming 2017 AWS Summit in San Francisco.

In their joint presentation, Eddie and Tim will discuss how to shift the common paradigm that the only way to fill a skills gap is with big teams and lots of money. They will share their perspectives and real world examples on how the right tools have enabled them to cultivate individuals from within their organizations to fulfill the security work that needs to get done. They’ll explore why automation is critical for continuous security and continuous compliance.

But, the conversation won’t be all about technology. Filling job vacancies and keeping your team happy also requires that you build talent pipelines and maybe even think about globalizing the security teams. Eddie and Tim will share their insights about recruiting, managing, and developing people to support our modern cloud security threat landscape.

Join Tim and Eddie on Wednesday, April 19th at 2:30pm in room 2006 for Where do you find your next 20 Cloud Security Experts? This session is one you won’t want to miss. See the full Summit schedule here.

If you are attending AWS Summit San Francisco, send us a note to schedule a time to chat. We’d love to meet up!


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