Security Spring Training for Your Security Team

Spring Training for Your Security Team

Like professional baseball, cloud security takes focus, practice and a keen understanding of the game. In the cloud, the best defense is a strong offense.

A proactive approach is the best way to strengthen security best practices within your organization. Think of this as building your team playbook, implementing organization wide standards sets expectations and allows you to measure performance. Require multi-factor authentication and deploy such technologies as encryption or tokenization to secure sensitive data transferred and stored in the cloud. Develop a more formal procurement process will help thwart the existence of Shadow IT within your environment. And, old or unused access keys for dormant accounts should be deleted regularly.

Once you’ve developed your plays, it is all about practice, practice, practice. Running drills allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Over time, continuously exercising these best practices ingrain them into your muscle memory and your security posture gets stronger with every compliance test. Security best practices become second nature.

Security is a team effort. There is no one person within your organization that can single-handedly protect your cloud. That said, just like in baseball, it only takes one person to drop the ball to allow your opponent to get on base or a bad actor to get into your environment. Educating your staff on the dos and don’ts will help to strengthen the fundamentals of your security game.

Lastly, remain vigilant. Your team must be ready to clear the dugout if anyone decides to rush the mound. Unlike baseball, every hour of everyday is game time and you never know who you will be up against.

It’s time to find out if you’re ready for the big game or if you need to go back and review the tape. Run the CIS AWS foundations Benchmark today to see where you need to up your game and the remediation steps you need to take.

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